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Composer and musician

If the truth is that work is an important part of life, it is equally true that it is not "the most important": necessary, noble (and ennobling), exciting, engrossing, that often becomes an “entire” experience.

The music


The relationship with the rest of the universe was instead (and still is) much less easy, even if serene, in the middle of the council houses of San Siro in Milan, in the late '50s, early '60s.


That’s where I was born and grew up in 1956, in the courts of Preneste road, Civitali road, Paravia road and Morgantini road, playing football, stealing vinyls to listen to a song, reading school books and begging my parents to allow me to study music, even if their answer was unfortunately the same every time...but those were hard times, when you were concerned about getting by, without having weird ideas.


Record projects

Among the best known record projects in which he took part for the musical parts of the songs are Bandabertè of 1979, the first album by Loredana Bertè to obtain excellent commercial results, Mamadodori, 33 laps by Dori Ghezzi released in 1980 (the first significant solo after the flourishing musical parenthesis with Wess), Mamma Maria, a successful album recorded in 1982 by the Ricchi e Poveri, and the internationally popular records Le cose che vivi and Tra te e il mare published by Laura Pausini in 1996 and 2000 respectively.
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