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If the truth is that work is an important part of life, it is equally true that it is not "the most

important": necessary, noble (and ennobling), exciting, engrossing, that often becomes an

“entire” experience. But then there are many other things as important as this, if not more

important, that, from my point of view, have to be cultivated, cared for, assisted and

possibly improved: the relationship with ourselves, with the others, even if  sometimes it

is difficult to understand or to explain, the study of what we are fascinated in, and the

many trials of life we have to face, not always easy to deal with, but for sure very enriching

... The important thing is to face life with great loyalty, candor, without being too surprised

if you’re not understood, yours is not everyone's point of view, there is always someone

who will turn up their nose or point their finger... often the latter just shouldn't break the

balls and should buy a mirror to look at themselves.



They make me laugh those who “we are the only ones in the universe”, those who are sure

to have got away, those who always take themselves seriously, the ones who believe they

can escape from themselves, those who flaunt power really believing that the power is that

and those that twist everything around habitually, those who always blame others, those

who are convinced they are of course the best but haven't yet done a damned shit, those

who claim to be great musicians but cannot explain the difference between a “C” and a

cattle wagon, those who are so blatantly fake but are convinced that you can't see it, Laurel and Hardy, Totò, Carlo Verdone, politicians...(those make me laugh so much….)



I am fascinated by those who wear a little smile on their face and have a great belief deep

in their heart, those who breathe slowly, those who are still able to daydream, science

fiction novels, the sound of Martin guitars, flocks of birds moving together, walking in the mountains thinking and trying to understand yourself (there begins the challenge…), sitting on the river bank watching the water flow; even Buddhist Monks in meditation fascinate me, the early morning white mist that hides the day, those who are able to forgive themselves, those who are able to forgive the others, those who have the strength to apologize, those who can laugh at themselves, my mother-in-law's pizzocheri pasta...



I'm sorry for those I didn’t understand and that I unintentionally made suffer, (it happened to me, I even made some messes), for those who use religion as an excuse, for those who are committed not to understand, for those who hide their mediocrity in a cauldron of lies, for those who still believe that human thought is just a chemical reaction, for those who use drugs or alcohol to dull the voice of their heart, really believing it will stop screaming, for our Tibetan brothers,  for all other brothers in the world who are oppressed, for those who make evil sure that it will not come back with interests........



I'm also sorry because we're destroying this wonderful Planet in the most insulting and blind way, and by now it seems to be no way back: even if I'm optimistic by nature, it seems to see an orange squeezed to the last drop of juice, and a bunch of a few assaulted trying to get out again, without realizing that it's time to take an examination, albeit late, of conscience; maybe try to put things back, even partially, in place, and give hope to generations to come.

Who looks to colonize Mars, who looks at bases on the Moon: but who stays here what breathes, what eats, how lives, what prospects has it...??  Yes, it's not the best in cheerfulness, but it's what we see every day....







I thank Stevie Wonder, EW&F, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, JS Bach, Bill Evans, George Gershwin, The Beatles, George Benson, Aaron Copland, John Williams, Lang Lang, Daniel Barenboim, Richard Wagner, Sergei Rachmaninoff (and here I stop because the list could go on for at least a quarter of an hour...), for all the thousands times that they gave me goose bumps;

Then I thank all those who have believed, and also all those who did not believe (this is the funniest part, they gave me great strength...).


I thank those who have claimed to teach me what life is all about by showing me with their attitudes everything that I'd never want to be, those who have explained again when I did not understand (it happened, it happened…), those who continue to show me the way every day, those who stood by me when I was sick, and those who left when I was sick, this is the best way to know who your friends are ...

Then I thank: Raffaella (such patience ...), Dr. Menani (a life arm-in-arm..), Frank, Tonino, Lilla, Rolando's turntable, Luciano Beretta, the courtyard of via Preneste 6, Dido Grecchi, Cristina Giovanelli, the Rossa, Lisetta Landoni, Maestro Massimo Colombo, Maestro Filippo "Felicino" Daccò, my parents, and a long list of other special people who have always blessed me and continue to do it, and finally music, without which my life would probably be empty: I'm living the dream I dreamed since I was a child ... and I'm still not sure if I woke up yet.


Knowing that the next song will be my best, I continue to write music. Even if I know that the most beautiful song will be the best, I continue writing with the serenity and the experience of an old young man ... this is how I feel: always proactive, despite the years, my osteoarthritis and the difficulties of a strange historical period as the one we are living in.


With a smile in my heart.

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